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UBITQUITY and Tierra Chain Forge Strategic Partnership to Transform Property Ownership in San Quintín, Baja California


Wilmington, Delaware — July 7, 2023 — UBITQUITY, the globally renowned leader in web3 real estate title solutions powered by blockchain, and Tierra Chain, an innovative Mexican startup dedicated to simplifying real estate ownership in Baja California, proudly announce the signing of a Master Service Agreement.

This strategic alliance aims to establish efficient systems of property ownership for international investors in the thriving Municipality of San Quintín.

San Quintín, with its stunning beaches and awe-inspiring landscapes, has become a highly sought-after destination for real estate investments. However, foreign buyers often encounter challenges when navigating the complexities of property ownership. Recognizing this pressing need, Tierra Chain has joined forces with UBITQUITY to develop a groundbreaking solution that will revolutionize the ownership process and empower investors.

Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, Tierra Chain and Ubitquity.io will introduce NFTitle, an innovative platform for real estate transactions. This revolutionary system will provide a secure and transparent method for recording and transferring property ownership. By harnessing the immutability and traceability of blockchain, foreign nationals will benefit from a simplified and efficient process supported by AI-powered automation, ensuring the protection and legal recognition of their investments.

“We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Tierra Chain,” said Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO at UBITQUITY.

“This collaboration perfectly aligns with our vision of transforming the real estate industry in San Quintín. By integrating UBITQUITY’s state-of-the-art web3 solutions such as CryptoListing, NFTitle, and UbitquityPay, Tierra Chain can offer a seamless experience to foreign customers and investors, unlocking new possibilities for property ownership,” added Wosnack.

Renowned for its expertise in blockchain-based title and record-keeping solutions, Ubitquity.io brings extensive experience to the table. The company’s robust platform has already revolutionized real estate transactions worldwide, guaranteeing unmatched security, transparency, and efficiency. The Master Service Agreement between Tierra Chain and UBITQUITY represents a significant milestone in the evolution of real estate ownership, showcasing the shared vision of both organizations to drive innovation, enhance security, and foster economic development in the Municipality of San Quintín.

“Creating escrow standards that exceed local requirements combined with immutable trustless transparent transactions on-chain will remove a large amount of the largess that prevents acceleration of the local economy,” said Eugene Buchanan, Founder and Owner of Tierra Chain.

“Using technology to lower the cost of transaction and improve integrity is a win-win,” added Buchanan.

To learn more about Tierra Chain and UBITQUITY, please visit their respective websites: TierraChain.com and Ubitquity.io.

About Tierra Chain:

Tierra Chain is an innovative Mexican startup dedicated to revolutionizing the real estate industry in Baja California. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and simplifying property ownership, TierraChain.com aims to create seamless experiences for both local and international investors.

Tierra Chain Contact:

Eugene L. Buchanan G.A.

Email: [email protected]

+52 (616) 126 5089


UBITQUITY, the leading blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, provides a streamlined user experience for securely recording and tracking property deeds and land records. The company maintains partnerships with academia, aviation companies, municipalities, and real estate firms. To learn more about CryptoListing™, visit CryptoListing.net, and for NFTitle™, visit UbitquityNFT.com.


Ignacio Landáez Duin, COO

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +1 (724) BITCØIN [248–2046]


UBITQUITY LLC launches CipherBPA™ web3 integration add-on solution for NFTitle™


Wilmington, Delaware — July 5, 2023 — UBITQUITY LLC, a leading blockchain-powered real estate title and technology company, is thrilled to announce the launch of CipherBPA™, an innovative managed web3 add-on for NFTitle. CipherBPA seamlessly integrates into SMB/Enterprise workflows, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for businesses seeking to leverage the power of blockchain, NFT, and IPFS technology.

As part of UBITQUITY’s commitment to driving the adoption of next-generation web3, CipherBPA™ offers a wide range of features at an affordable price point. For only $24.99 per month, businesses can access CipherBPA™, which fully integrates into their existing workflows through an intuitive API or other means. The implementation process is hassle-free, requiring no setup costs, allowing organizations to reap the benefits of this bleeding-edge technology quickly.

“We are excited to introduce CipherBPA™ as a game-changing addition to our NFTitle platform. This powerful web3 integration solution empowers businesses of all sizes to harness the potential of blockchain technology seamlessly. With CipherBPA, we aim to drive efficiency, transparency, and security in the real estate industry, revolutionizing how transactions are conducted,” said Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO of UBITQUITY.

To celebrate the launch of CipherBPA™, UBITQUITY is offering a limited-time promotion. businesses (SMB and Enterprise) that sign up before July 31, 2023, will receive this groundbreaking feature which can integrate as an API or through other business process automation, completely free for their agreement with UBITQUITY. This offer allows organizations to experience the benefits of CipherBPA™ while maximizing their cost savings.

“We understand the importance of supporting our customers as they embark on their blockchain/web3 for real estate journey. By offering CipherBPA™ free of charge during the contract period, we aim to encourage businesses to embrace this transformative technology without any financial barriers, allowing the NFTitle network to continue to grow and scale. It’s our way of investing in their success and demonstrating our commitment to driving innovation in the real estate industry,” added Wosnack.

To learn more about CipherBPA™ and take advantage of this limited-time offer, visit UbitquityNFT.com/web3/cipherbpa. With UBITQUITY’s user-friendly platform, businesses can easily access the resources and tools necessary to revolutionize their workflows and propel their organizations into the future of the next generation of PropTech SaaS offerings.

About Ubitquity, LLC

Ubitquity, the leading blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, offers a streamlined user experience for securely recording and tracking property deeds and land records. Our company maintains partnerships with academia, aviation companies, municipalities, and real estate firms. To learn more about CryptoListing™, visit CryptoListing.net, and for NFTitle™, visit UbitquityNFT.com.

Ubitquity Contact:

Ignacio Landáez Duin, COO

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +1 (724) BITCØIN [248–2046]

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UBITQUITY’S Latest Utility Token Set to Transform Title Plant Data Management and Monetization in Real Estate Industry


Wilmington, Delaware — May 18, 2023 — UBITQUITY, LLC, a prominent provider of blockchain-powered solutions for the real estate industry, is thrilled to unveil the upcoming release of the Title Plant Token, scheduled for the latter half of 2023. This groundbreaking initiative introduces an incentivization mechanism for title plants to migrate their data onto standardized blockchain ledgers such as Polygon and Proton through the highly innovative NFTitle™ Network, which has already recorded over 25,000 real estate-related files, showcasing its immense potential.

Title Plant Token empowers title plants to contribute and validate property data, including maintained property records categorized by legal descriptions and name indexes. Participants are rewarded for their contributions with tokens that can be redeemed to access property data. These tokens can also be exchanged for cash or cryptocurrencies, providing title plants with an immediate market to monetize their valuable data.

Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO at UBITQUITY, LLC, expressed his enthusiasm for the potential of Title Plant Token, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking solution to the real estate industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, we aim to democratize title plant data and empower title plants to generate revenue through traditional means while simultaneously leveraging token sales to title companies and other entities in need of property data.”

Wosnack emphasized that Title Plant Token is not intended to replace the thousands of title plants within the U.S., which are legally mandated in several states. Instead, the goal is to drive innovation and improve upon antiquated processes within title plant operations, enabling them to become more efficient and effective in serving their purpose.

Under the UBITQUITY Token ($UBQT) ecosystem, title companies will have the opportunity to create their own tokens. This enables them to earn rewards by directly recording new real estate transaction data onto the blockchain, minting NFTs, and securely storing data using IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). Additionally, a revenue-sharing model will be established to further incentivize title plants hosting IPFS nodes and validating new data. NFTitle™ will play a crucial role by hosting validator nodes and offering revenue sharing as well.

The implementation of Title Plant Token is subject to comprehensive legal assessment, including a legal opinion letter, and compliance with applicable Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) exemptions. UBITQUITY is committed to ensuring a compliant and secure environment for all participants in the ecosystem.


UBITQUITY, LLC is a leading blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping. The company offers a user-friendly experience for securely recording and tracking property deeds and land records. UBITQUITY has forged partnerships with academia, aviation companies, municipalities, and real estate firms, establishing itself as an industry pioneer.

For media inquiries:

Ignacio Landáez Duin

Chief Operating Officer, UBITQUITY, LLC

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +1 (724) BITCØIN [248–2046]

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