The Official $UBQT Airdrop page

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 Our next airdrop (#4) is on July 1, 2024. 

What do you need to claim?
A WebAuth wallet (only downloaded from WebAuth or [iPhone] App Store | [Android] Play Store).

  • Token Distribution:
    • The airdrop will distribute a predetermined amount of $UBQT Utility Tokens (of the 14% of total supply) via our first of many airdrops to eligible participants as described in our official whitepaper.
  • Wallet Address:
    • Participants must provide a valid compatible wallet address/username on the XPR Network, via WebAuth wallet, to receive the airdropped $UBQT Utility Tokens.
    • Ensure that the provided wallet address/username is accurate, as UBITQUITY, LLC will not be responsible for tokens sent to an incorrect WebAuth wallet.
  • Security:
    • Protect your private keys and wallet information. UBITQUITY, LLC will never ask for your private keys or request any sensitive information.
    • Be cautious of phishing attempts, malware, and only interact with official channels.
  • Limited Availability:
    • The next $UBQT airdrop is available on a first-come, first-served basis on July 1, 2024 @ 11:11 PM ET.
    • All unclaimed $UBQT Utility Tokens from the first airdrop will be refunded back to UBITQUITY, LLC’s ubitquityllc wallet and held securely.
  • Compliance:
    • Participants (individuals and organizations) must comply with all relevant laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.
  • Changes and Cancellation:
    • Although highly unlikely, UBITQUITY, LLC reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel an airdrop at any time.
    • Changes may include adjustments to the distribution mechanics or eligibility criteria prior to an upcoming airdrop.
  • Disclaimer of Liability:
    • UBITQUITY, LLC is not liable for any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused by an individual or organization participating in the $UBQT Utility Token airdrop.
    • Participants, individuals and organizations, engage in the airdrop at their own risk.
    • See also: UBITQUITY, LLC Terms of Use.

By participating in the $UBQT Utility Token airdrop, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. UBITQUITY, LLC reserves the right to disqualify participants who fail to comply with the aforementioned stated rules.